Candidates see a need for more food choices

Vinson Pressley/Staff Writer

Two candidates are running to lead Student Government Council on a mission to bring more food options to the Biscayne Bay Campus.

Fu Zhou Wu and Richard Azimov, running unopposed for president and vice president of SGC-BBC for the 2013-2014 school year, have big plans for BBC.

“We share the same interests to benefit the student body [and have] a strong professional partnership,” said Azimov, vice president candidate on why he teamed up with Zhou Wu.

Azimov also said Zhou Wu’s goals align with his goals.

One of the reasons Azimov is running for office is that he wants students to feel like FIU is their home and to feel the passion that he has for the University.

Azimov mentioned that they will directly ask the students what food options they want by creating surveys and working with students to resolve this issue.

Azimov recognized that “nothing is open on the weekends [at BBC]” and hopes that they will be able to bring food trucks to the campus and work with panther dining services to create more alternatives for the student body.

“We want to form a nice partnership with Panther Dining Services,” said Azimov.

Zhou Wu echoed her running mate’s sentiment. Zhou Wu pointed out that on weekends the only source of food available on campus are the vending machines, which she said really only serves candy – counterproductive for someone who works out or eats healthy.

Zhou Wu also mentioned that she wants more food available near the library.

“It’s all about communication,” said Zhou Wu.

Zhou Wu is concerned about the communication between Modesto Maidique Campus and BBC when it comes to coordinating events and programs. She hopes to improve communication and encourage collaboration between both campuses.

Zhou Wu also discussed the transportation between BBC and MMC and gave some suggestions on how she would improve it.

“If we cannot get more buses, [then maybe] we can have more continuous buses running during peak hours of the day,” said Zhou Wu. She mentioned that students are concerned about trying to catch the shuttle and having to worry about seat availability; if seats are full then this may translate into students having to miss class or events since space is limited on the shuttle.

Zhou Wu and Azimov have work and responsibilities ahead of them if elected, but according to Azimov, one of the goals is to help students remember that FIU has helped them become the people they are today.