Students blossom for spring with colorful outfits

Ashley Garner/Columnist

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, spring is here, which means high levels of humidity are back along with scorching temperatures leaving us with little chance of layering in our outfit choices. The perks though are that everything around you is blooming and luscious, making afternoon walks pleasant and colorful with floral patterns back in.

My first encounter with floral was with senior Tanisha Stanley, psychology major. Her look was simple but unique by juxtaposing a sweet cotton dress with combat boots and a twisted head scarf.

“I feel confident and vibrant; it matches my personality,” said Stanley. My next run-in with spring was with junior Priscilla Garcia majoring in marketing and international business management. Her loose fitting color-block dress reminded me of rejuvenation, comfort and the soothing sensation of spring.

“I feel like the epitome of spring,” said Garcia. How fitting.

In the housing quad I came across one of my favorite stylish students on campus, freshman fine arts major Ruth Thompson. On an especially sweltering day, she kept things simple with an easy button down t-shirt and shorts combo, but cleverly used pink colors, abstract patterns and accessories to express her own point of view on spring. She boldly stated, “I feel Floridian,” and I couldn’t agree more.

The girls aren’t the only ones embracing spring. Senior art history major Carlos Salacar was inspired by 1970’s men’s fashion for his spring outfit. Guys, don’t be scared to wear colors. Colors are a great way to make a simple outfit look more interesting. Spring is a time for rejuvenation, so let’s take this into account for our wardrobes as well.