Improved WiFi network to launch summer B

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Tia Tyndal//Contributing writer

A new WiFi network will launch June 23 that will eliminate the hassle of logging into the FIU network repeatedly and will instead allow students to register their laptops, e-books, game systems and wireless printers through their PantherSoft accounts.

The Division of Information Technology announced in an email to the University that it will be launching its new WiFi network with “major enhancements” to the existing “FIUSECURE” network.

“The WiFi here is usually really slow and spotty,” said Eva Marin, a junior psychology major. “I have trouble with getting kicked off the network or suddenly losing signal in my own dorm.”

Robert Grillo, vice president of information technology and chief information officer, said the Division of Information Technology has been working on this project for over a year to improve WiFi efficiency.

The new network will have improved connection and speed, and students will remain connected without having to authenticate on a daily basis. The network change will take place at all locations where WiFi is deployed.

Students will also be able to stay connected on a network called “FIU_OtherDevices” for Kindles, Nooks, gaming stations and printers.

“Hooking up gaming systems should be less of a hassle with this new network,” said Chris Nowell, sophomore computer science major. “The old network did not provide good support for my PlayStation.”

Student residents will also have the convenience to print wirelessly from their dorm rooms.

“Last year, I would have to print from my roommate’s room or the library, since I bought a wireless printer. Fortunately, this year I can put it to use,” said Adriana Avendano, junior biology major.

To connect to the network, students will select “FIU_SECUREWiFi”and log in with their MyAccounts credentials.

The Division of Information Technology will provide support for students who may struggle with connecting to the two new networks.

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