Sign out, maybe?

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Jenna Kefauver/Staff Writer

For those of you who don’t know, the Green Library rents out iPads, Kindles and laptops for free, the iPads and Kindles for 24 hours and the laptops for three. Which is especially awesome for those like me that don’t have an iPad or a Kindle.

What’s not awesome is turning them on and accidentally seeing parts of someone’s private conversation because they forgot to sign out of Facebook, iMessage, Twitter or a dating/hookup site. And now I know too much about a stranger I’ve never met, which is just awful because I might eventually have them in class or something.

And these people will never know because I’m not the type of person that finds it funny to hack someone’s Facebook status and write “This person forgot to sign out so now I’m going to post something stupid about what they like which everyone knows they don’t.”

But it’s still awkward.

Last night, after checking out an iPad, I decided to watch Netflix. I signed in on the Netflix site with my account information, but it took me to whoever had used the application before me, and I was five minutes into an episode of “Cake Boss” before I realized I wasn’t on my account.

Also, don’t download gross applications. And if you do, delete them. No one needs to know that you downloaded some weird sexual positions app. And even though I wasn’t expecting to find a beer pong game app on there, that was fun.

But, seriously, just realize that there are over 40,000 students that attend the University and any one of them can see what you’ve been doing on the library devices if you don’t sign out. No one needs to know about the boy or the girl you like or the Twitter direct message conversation you’ve had, so sign out next time.

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  1. honestly the beacon and fiu student media in general has turned into nothing more than a bunch of winers and complainers about every little thing on campus. I realize the irony of myself complaining about others complaining, but this has gotten ridiculous. Y’all need to learn how to deal with these petty issues, cause this is honestly a waste of people’s time, and a disgrace to be labeled, “news,” “media,” or anything of the sort

    • Hello Mike,

      I’d like to thank you for visiting FIUSM, and taking the time to comment your thoughts. FIUSM is currently divided into 5 key sections: News, Opinion, Life, Sports and At The Bay. The section you are currently commenting in is the Opinion section, and it is not “news” content but the “opinions” of your peers and fellow students. I hope this straightens out your confusion over the “news-worthiness” of this post. If you just want “news” content I encourage you to visit the News section on our site or read the news section in the Beacon when it starts again on the first week of Summer B.

      Thank you for visiting and reading.

      Luis Bolaños Director

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