Ladies, know your limits

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Lauren Bana/Staff Writer

College life wouldn’t be the same without alcohol and I think we can all safely admit that. But have we, as women, been overdoing it?

A recent study has found that college women are drinking over their bodies’ weekly limit, resulting in health complications that contribute to the over 23,000 deaths caused by alcohol every year.

According to The Huffington Post, the study conducted by the University of Vigo discovered that college women are more likely to binge drink than college men.

The Huffington Post further reported that  “…white, college-educated women aged 18-24 with $75,000 or more annual household income were more likely to binge drink than women of other races, ages, and socioeconomic categories.”

After reading that, I instantly considered some of my friends who fall under that classification. I was thinking about whether or not they are being safe when they go out drinking.

It even makes me worry for myself.

Again, drinking in college has become a completely normal part of life, and we have grown to accept and enjoy it, but even our guy friends have noticed how crazy it can get.

Senior Douglas Soler said, “I do know a lot of girls who always go crazy when we go out drinking, and every time, one of them manages to get sick from alcohol poisoning.”

In my time in college, I have had several instances in which I have became sick and needed someone to take care of me. Aside from that being extremely embarrassing the next day, I’m now positive that it has been taking a toll on my body.

I do not want to discourage all of us girls from going out and having a good time, but I do want to encourage women to keep the binge drinking to a minimum for the sake of our health and safety.



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