BBC: The hidden jewel

Photo: The view at BBC. Photo by Moises Fuertes/FIUSM 

Moises Fuertes/Contributing Writer

FIU is an extremely diverse University.

The main campus, Modesto Maidique Campus, has all the action. The main issue I have found with MMC, as beautiful and diverse as the campus is, has been the inability to actually relax on campus.

MMC is always moving, always busy, rarely quiet, and ridiculously packed during the fall and spring semesters. A typical day at MMC has many students desperately searching for a decent parking spot, something that has at times taken me over 30 minutes.

While this chaos is in many ways what the university life is all about, there are days when I just want to relax on campus after class.

But, we have another campus, which is often neglected.

Artwork at BBC.
Photo by Moises Fuertes/FIUSM

The Biscayne Bay campus is home to the School of Journalism and Mass Communication, the Chaplin School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, and the School of Environment, Arts and Society.

BBC is a sight to behold, and truly relaxing, yet I rarely see students genuinely interested in taking courses there. Usually the only students that attend BBC do so out of necessity if they are majoring in any of the aforementioned professions.

It always surprises me what little interest some students show in traveling to BBC. Some see it as a chore due to how far apart both campuses are. On the contrary, I think that BBC is relaxing and overall a jewel that not many FIU students take advantage of.

I’ve always managed to find parking at BBC without much of a hassle. During midterms and finals, it’s much easier to find a quiet place at BBC than it is to do so at MMC. Whether it’s sitting down by the bay, or outside the food court area, this campus makes it far easier to find a relaxing spot that isn’t restricted to the library.

Speaking of which, the library at BBC is no exception; while it is much smaller than the one at MMC, I still manage to find a cozy place to study at.

I’m now often at BBC since most of my courses are offered at that campus. At first I was honestly annoyed at having to drive so far, but like I said, this campus grew on me. I love how relaxing the entire campus is. It has given me a view of the university life that isn’t always available at MMC.

The view of the bay on a beautiful morning is spectacular. I encourage all FIU students to come to BBC at least a few times during the semester. You won’t regret it! 

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Moises Fuertes
: a Digital Media Studies student at FIU. His productions include audio commercials, video coverage/reviews and still-image projects. He specializes in the video game industry and social media.

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