University’s plans sailing ahead of students

Editorial Board/FIUSM Staff

Move over, Biscayne Bay Campus students, you may soon share your campus with Royal Caribbean performers and entertainers. According to a proposal plan by the University, they are to take over Bay Vista Housing.

While this is a tentative plan that has yet to be finalized, The Beacon is concerned about where this plan is taking BBC.

This comes at a time when the University has expressed interest in promoting student life at BBC.

The Student Government Association allocated $2.5 million to help promote student life at BBC by renovating Panther Square. The funds used were intended for emergency purposes.

These goals are contradictory and we are guessing that the latter will take a backseat to the University’s $2.2 million business deal.

No housing and non-students on campus? So much for fostering student life at BBC.

Having this foreign program on campus will perpetuate student suspicions of a lack of unity, spirit and sense of home at BBC. It will further diminish the “college experience.”

The experience has become show up for class and get out of there before the traffic gets any worse.

Royal Caribbean performers will not be the only non-FIU persons on BBC.  Maritime and Science Technology Academy students may be using the campus as well as there is an expansion plan which entails bringing MAST students to FIU in order to give those high school students taking dual enrollment courses at MAST the opportunity to experience college life.

The University hopes that when these MAST students are ready for college, FIU will be their top choice to finish their degrees.

With all of these changes, The Beacon believes that student life is getting pushed out instead of being included.

Student life on a college campus is vital to both happiness and excitement that surrounds the University.

Whether it is a Greek organization meeting, the astronomy club or student government, students need somewhere to go once their classes end that besides their home.

Give students more of a reason to hang out on campus. During the week, students already have to share the basketball court, tennis courts and swimming pools with elementary school children enrolled in summer camps.

If students have to go off-campus to do these sorts of things, then why stay for anything other than classes and homework?

We think the students at that campus need to be invested in more, especially with one of the university’s largest programs at BBC, Hospitality.

Students are investing enough money into their education and we think that it’s time the University reinvested that money into keeping students on campus. Help student organizations out by investing more money in them to give them more options when it comes to staying active and involved on-campus.

It’s the only way to achieve these lofty goals.

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  1. In my opinion, it is way too easy deal with this issue in a polarized way. In other words, we should be careful not to throw the baby out with the bath water. With that in mind I offer two observations:

    1) According to the original article published, the BBC campus has had a hard history and a rough upstart with regards to student life and activity. This article seems to suggest that creating more clubs and events would fix the problem. However, hasn’t that already been tried? And if it has, how successful have the events been in generating more activity?

    I haven’t done any hard research on the subject, but by my everyday observations it would seem that these events are not always successful or not as successful as they were intended to be. The reason could be in the events themselves. Or it could be something about the campus. The point is, that I don’t think the answer lies in the University simply pouring more money into Student Life without a good reason and plan. And just because something is done at MMC and is a success, does not mean it will be an automatic success at BBC. The uniqueness of both campuses must be kept in mind.

    2) The second and last observation is that many students seem to connote relations with outside businesses or the possibility of profit by the University as negative. With regards to offering housing for the Royal Caribbean: Has anyone considered that the University might possibly be losing money every year as the demand for BBC housing becomes smaller?

    Whether we like it or not, the University has to make profit or it will not keep afloat. It is simple economics. If people don’t like that the University invites outside businesses to do business on campus or house outside business’ employees, that is fine. But don’t simply tell them not to do it and then demand more money. Instead, find alternatives that can still help to bring in the bacon.

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