Kedrick Rhodes Dismissed from Football Team

Running back Kedrick Rhodes was ready to begin his senior year for the FIU football team until he was arrested on Saturday July 13 at 7:30 p.m.

According to the arrest affidavit, Rhodes was charged with possessing and discharging a firearm on school grounds, improper exhibition of a firearm, discharging a firearm in public and discharging a firearm under the influence of alcohol.

According to the affidavit, a witness observed Rhodes exit Everglades Hall and run towards his vehicle, parked in lot six, in anger over an unknown cause. The same witness observed Rhodes pull out a firearm, step out of the vehicle and yell  “Get the f—k back!”

Rhodes then proceeded to fire approximately three to four rounds towards the air from his .380 caliber semi automatic pistol leading the witness to flee for his safety. Rhodes was then arrested and taken to Miami Dade County jail where he provided a written confession that we has under the influence of alcohol while discharging his firearm.

The situation escalated when Rhodes lost a play fight with a teammate, according to multiple witnesses. This was later verified by University Police Chief Alexander Casas.

“I don’t know if it got to a real fight but Rhodes got upset because he did lose a play fight,” Casas said.

FIU Athletics has announced running back Kedrick Rhodes has been dismissed from the football program due to a violation of team policy, according to a statement released by the Athletics Department.

This is not the first time that FIU has had a problem with a football player and firearms. In 2004, three FIU players were arrested, including one who was charged with attempted murder for firing a gun into an occupied car.

Rhodes is now the fourth player to be arrested for the use of a firearm. Another player was Cornerback Everett Baker, who was charged with attempted murder for firing into an occupied car. He also was charged with two counts of armed robbery, possession of a weapon on school grounds and two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, all felonies.

On the field, Rhodes is coming off a season that saw the young back rush for 714 yards while racking up four touchdowns. The Panthers looked for Rhodes to continue his growth and success in his senior year and help lift FIU from their appalling record of 3-9.

The news that Rhodes will no longer be in uniform shook the team.

“We took a loss, I’m not going to lie,” offensive tackle Dieugot Joseph said. “However, we have the same mindset as before. We just have to keep outworking everybody and proving we can win in C-USA.”

“Not having Kedrick on the field after having practiced with him this past spring is going to be different,” punter Chris Ayers said.  “But we will find a way to get past his loss just as we have with the other losses this offseason.”

As of press time for this story, Head Coach Ron Turner was unavailable for comment.

-Additional reporting by Patrick Chalvire and Rhys Williams 

2 Comments on "Kedrick Rhodes Dismissed from Football Team"

  1. That sucks. Another position we need to fill now…

  2. Not surprising in the least. This is another example of the same ilk as Aaron Hernandez when the ball meets the turf.

    Sports teams and their general counsel offices have yet to realize that the background, and vetting process to become part of any highly publicized sport whether professional or collegiate must be tightened up, and scrutiny increased.

    I wonder if polygraph tests were administered to players, or they were forced to declare sealed or expunged criminal activity from the youth, under state statute in Florida (no different than police officers) how many members of teams across the country would be off the team by tomorrow morning. The reason why this won’t happen?

    Because shitty teams don’t sell tickets, mugs and t shirts.

    Plain and simple. Economics will beat out the right and ethical thing to do every time..

    After all, he was just firing into the air right?


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