FIU Foundation exceeds fiscal year goal

Aaron Pabon/Staff writer

FIU Foundation, Inc. set a fundraising goal of $42 million for the 2012-2013 fiscal year and has surpassed this by raising $43.3 million, according to Howard R. Lipman, senior vice president of University Advancement and president and chief executive officer of FIU Foundation.

Each fiscal year has an individual goal to meet.

According to minutes from the Board of Trustees’ full board meeting on June 12, Board of Directors Chair Justo L. Pozo showed in an update that as of March 2013, $19.4 million had been raised toward this goal.

Since then, the foundation has been able to reach $43.3 million.

President Mark B. Rosenberg’s fundraising plan, established in 2009, aimed to raise a total of $750 million over 10 years.

The goal is to revitalize and expand the university’s infrastructure and financial base, according to Lipman.

This will move FIU from a state-supported institution to state-assisted institution.

“This is critical, since state funding for FIU’s operating budget has decreased from 44 to 28 percent in the last decade alone,” wrote Lipman in an email to Student Media.

Lipman said the Foundation is pulling a number of donors.

The funds are designed to help with scholarships, research and school equipment.

Lipman wrote that the funds toward scholarships will provide financial aid to deserving recipients, enhance students’ educational experience through “cutting-edge” technology and premier academic programs.

“Each of FIU’s colleges and schools have individual fundraising priorities,” wrote Lipman.

Rosenberg was unavailable for comment as of press time.



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