New Director of Football Operations Sean Todd talks FIU football

Going into the 2013 football season at FIU, the program had a number of men in the position of Director of Football Operations. The first two only held the office for about a month apiece before resigning.

In comes Sean Todd, who previously worked at Florida Atlantic University in their football operations office. Working his way up the ladder there from Coordinator of Football Operations starting June 2001, then Assistant Director in early 2005 and finally Assistant Athletics Director for Football Operations in the offseason prior to the 2010 season, he has shown that he has learned from experience.

 Todd also worked in the Dolphins organization under the likes of Don Shula and Jimmy Johnson. During his tenure in Miami, he was in charge of training camp, facilities and travel. He was also one of the architects of the Travel Coordinator’s Group which meets annually.

“The previous men leaving did not weigh in on my decision to come and work here. To my understanding, both of the first two incumbents of this position left due to lack of understanding of the position and lack of experience for the job,” Todd said.

Earlier on in the offseason, the Miami Herald incorrectly reported the Todd was hired to handle the incidents that had occurred.

“All of the incidents that happened can be addressed by Coach (Turner) and I was not here for the earliest of those incidents,” Todd said.

He was referring there to the incident in late January in which several players misused money given to them by the university to entertain incoming recruits on official visits by taking them to a strip club.

“It will definitely be addressed,” Todd said. “The athletes must sign a contract stating what they can or cannot do with the money provided and that was definitely a misuse of the funds.”

“Part of the lessons that we hope to teach them are that poor decisions are unacceptable,” Todd said. “Others are preparation for life after football, and helping each of them to become great citizens. In that being great men, great fathers, great husbands, and overall just great people in general.”

Some incidents, that Todd decided not to comment on that have happened during his short tenure at the University are two of the biggest this offseason.

The first being the arrest of star runningback Kedrick Rhodes, who discharged a firearm multiple times on the MMC campus in early July while intoxicated. The second was the nudity incident at Crandon State Park after the annual beach workout in which several players decided to shower in a public area completely nude.

“For every negative incident that is reported by the media today there are at least 12 positive incidents that go unreported,” Todd said. “An example of something that has gone unreported is that the Orange Bowl is going to bring between 300 and 400 children for a free camp to learn about football.”

Todd also spoke on the preseason ranking of last place in the new Conference USA.

“In 2007 when I was a part of FAU’s program they entered the season ranked to finish last in the Sun-Belt. That really took pressure off so the athletes had nothing to lose each and every week,” Todd said. “The team ended up winning the conference and going to a bowl game that year and I am not saying that always happens but it does take a lot of pressure off.”

Todd, who does not deal with on the field play directly, does have an opinion on the team.

“The guys that are left from last season have to be hungry for something this season after going a dismal 3-9,” Todd added. “However, I am not comfortable with the depth that is out there on the field at some of the key positions.”

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