University promises 2,000 more parking spaces

Photo by Stephanie Mason.

Diego Saldana-Rojas/Staff Writer

University community members who complain about a lack of parking on campus will now have some news to relish.

Parking Garage Six is planned for construction west of Red Parking Garage, where a parking lot is now present.

PG6 will resemble Parking Garage Five architecturally, housing approximately 2,000 parking spaces and 30,000 square feet of retail space.

What separates PG6 from other garages, however, is its potential to be used as a transit hub for Miami-Dade County buses.

According to Lissette Hernandez, director of Parking and Transportation, PG6 could become a stop linking 142nd Ave., the University and the Miami Intermodal Center.

The MIC is a mass transit hub east of Miami International Airport built by the county set for completion in late 2013.

 “It will alleviate some of the parking situation in the north quadrant of the school,” said Hernandez when asked how the garage will affect the University’s parking infrastructure.

Hernandez said there is also talk about including classrooms in the retail space and bike lockers for commuters.

The Florida Division of Bond Finance, a state agency that issues bonds for or on behalf of state agencies, will issue a $35 million bond with the total cost of the project remaining to be determined.

As for future garages, Hernandez plans on building one at a time.

“We definitely have other areas to look at in the future as we continue to grow, but we have to address that area at that time,” said Hernandez.

Students can fight over PG6 parking spots beginning August 2015.


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  1. Why are all the parking problems solved by more parking garages? More garages won’t fix traffic issues on campus.

    Why can’t we work with the city to promote easier ways to commute to campus? Develop bike lines, direct bus routes, FIU shuttle service?

    Having Metro-Dade bus stops right next to GC or by the new medical building would be perfect?

    Or having FIU shuttle buses pick up students at strategic places in Miami and run direct service to FIU?

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