Inconvenient rise in population

Lauren Bana/Staff Writer 

Since the beginning of the semester, the lines to purchase our favorite brain foods have been seemingly longer than last semester.

Even places that other students wouldn’t normally frequent are busier. Every single parking garage on campus is always filled at any time of the day.

My only understanding of why this would consistently occur is the obvious rise in student population.

According to the Sun Sentinel, the University “expects to have an enrollment of 52,000 this fall and is nearly a third larger than it was in 2009, when its population was just over 40,000.”

That means about 12,000 students have been added to the school’s population since 2009.

The Sun Sentinel stated that President Mark B.Rosenberg increased the enrollment limit after hearing complaints from many qualified students that were rejected due simply to limited spaces at the university.

The State University System had instructed schools to cap their enrollment just a few years prior since the tuition fees were too low to serve more students.

FIU was able to adjust the cap after they received permission to charge 15 percent more in yearly tuition allowing for about 40 percent of the university’s 15,000 to 16,000 yearly applicants to be granted acceptance.

In my opinion, it is truly a wonderful thing that our university’s president has done. There is a multitude of talented high school graduates in need of an exceptional education, and he has provided that opportunity for many new students.

However, I do feel that there is going to be a continuing need for more space on the college grounds. New students and current students alike are stressing over parking spaces and eateries.

Chris Moffett, senior English major, felt as though there was a definite need for more parking on campus.

“It’s great and positive for new students to be admitted to FIU, but there needs to be more consideration for the students that are already here, especially with parking,” says Moffett.

He continued to argue that the parking available at the Fairground is a great addition, but the walk is a strenuous.

With insufficient parking, we will have students who will be tardy for class.

I underwent an instance in which I was absent for a class because I was searching for parking for two hours.

I have been attending FIU for four years and parking has always been an issue. But the rise in population is definitely going to impose a problem when it inconveniences the majority of the school’s students. 


1. “FIU student surge makes it 7th largest in country,” via Sun Sentinel

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