Use the library as a place to study, not eat

Editorial Board/FIUSM Staff 

When walking into the Green or Hubert Libraries this summer, you may have noticed the distinct lack of food that has become a staple of students cramming for tests or just hanging out.  While this unpopular pilot program is over and rules have been eased to allow eating in the libraries once again, this doesn’t mean it’s a free for all, no holds barred, let’s have a pizza party next to the new computers.

The wording of the new policy is pretty clear: snacks and water are allowed in and anything else will be asked to put it away or to take it outside.

The first question that comes to our minds is, “What constitutes a ‘snack’?” We believe that Subway subs, Sushi Maki sushi and Alazmazar’s falafel do not qualify as snacks.

However, dry-packaged goods such as chips, cookies and nuts are snacks.  And we hope students will be smart where they take their snacks and drinks within the library. They should not be eating or drinking near the computers because that’s just common sense — a little spilled water can ruin a keyboard.

We do not agree with the old ban, but we also do not agree with students bringing in burgers, fries and sodas anywhere above the first floor. Such foods are distracting to others with their smell, noisy wrappers and Styrofoam create. They can also dirty floors, tables, chairs, computers and other equipment that we all share and do not want to damage.

Students should have the courtesy to keep their food on the first floor, it’s that simple.  If students are that hungry, go downstairs and grab a bite either on the first floor or in the Graham or Wolfe centers.

As students, we go through long strenuous study sessions at the library which can incur hunger, and this is why we endorse the lift on the previous ban.

Students should be allowed small dry goods and water to help them sustain energy during their studying activities. However, students should not bring a three-course meal upstairs: it’s distracting, can leave the entire library smelling, desks dirty and computers and other equipment damaged at worst, greasy at best.

Besides, we don’t want an extra study buddy around — like a rat. 

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