UPDATE: Facebook posts strike fear in university community

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Early Thursday morning, the University was alerted by the University Chief of Police of a possible threat to the University community.


The threat came in the form of a Facebook post on an unofficial University page titled “Florida International University Class of 2017.”

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According to a University-wide email written by Casas, “the FIUPD immediately investigated the post and its origin” and “at this time, there is no cause for concern.”

“Going over to [Primera Casa] to watch Kung Fu Panda 2. Anyone interested can reply. Anyone scared to death of me can call the campus police or whatever. I’m aiming to do it somewhere on the fourth floor,” stated one of the posts.

Livio Zanardo, international relations sophomore, alerted UPD to the post after his girlfriend showed them to him.  He said when he called the department at approximately 10:30 p.m., he was informed that the suspect had already been apprehended and was in questioning.

Zanardo expressed concern, but said he did not lose any sleep over the posts.

“The possibility [of a shooting] exists, I just didn’t think it is very probable,” he said.

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Casas said another student contacted UPD a little after 8 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 2, making the department aware of a Facebook post of a “disturbing nature” which made an indirect reference to a school shooting.

Casas mentioned there were approximately 12 phone calls and six emails regarding the matter.

“We contacted the originator of the post to make sure and determine there was no concern or threat to the University itself or anyone at the University,” Casas said.

After 1 a.m., UPD sent a University-wide email alerting those who may have seen the post that the matter had been under investigation.

Casas stated there were no arrests made nor any suspects apprehended.

He said the individual was cooperative and allowed officers access to determine whether or not the individual had access to weapons or a desire to make anything more than those comments.

“Based on the posting itself, there was no specific threat,” Casas said. “As far as we are concerned, the case is closed.”



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