Special events parking needs better notice

Editorial Board/FIUSM Staff 

Every student experiences the daunting task of finding a parking spot on the Modesto Maidique Campus. You trek to campus early to snag a spot in one of the garages, only to make it to the top floor that is barricaded and reserved for an event, “College Boards Parking.”

Hope is not lost. The garages are a luxury so you proceed to another parking lot. Only to hit another obstacle: “MPD Police Event Parking.”

Before you know it, you have spent half an hour searching for a spot and must resort to Tamiami Park. If that’s not frustrating enough, you then find yourself late to class and running a 5k across campus.

These events that take up both student and faculty parking spots is inexplicably annoying, especially when there is no notification given to students or faculty that parking spots will be unavailable.

It inconveniences us not only as students, but as those who pay the parking fee. Whether students know it or not, we are assessed a $90.55 parking fee in the fall and spring

We want to recommend that these events find other places on campus to park instead of forcing those who pay the parking fee to park out in Tamiami Park. It doesn’t make sense that people who don’t attend or teach a class are given the red carpet treatment, while the rest of us have to pay the toll, literally and figuratively.

This past week, it happened twice. And while we welcome these events and guests to our University, we ask that students and faculty are not exiled to Tamiami Park and are, at the very least, given fair and timely notice.

The University is definitely capable. Multiple memos are sent when parking is affected by football games.

This kind of communication is commended, and it only makes sense that the University would do this for its students and faculty who are trying to make it to their classes on time.

Even a notice of “Get to FIU 15 minutes earlier today because there will be an event on campus. Allow the extra time to find parking.”

Because, let’s face it, we are in school to get our education. We deserve some kind of notice for the parking, that we pay for, so that we are not late to the classes, that we pay for.


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