Letter to the Editor: Pike’s lack of cooperation with law enforcement

I found it absolutely appalling that members of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity have refused to cooperate with law enforcement following an investigation that involved drug deals, hazing and explicit, inappropriate photographs of (allegedly) underaged women. As a result of their “closing ranks” and refusal to “snitch” on their fellow brothers, no arrests can be made.

This infuriates me as a woman, because those who were photographed without their consent did not deserve to have their images ridiculed or ogled over the Internet.

This infuriates me as an alumna, because I did not attend a university and earn a degree to subsequently become embarrassed and disgusted by a select number of degenerates who happen to be fellow Panthers.

While I applaud President Rosenberg for disbanding the fraternity, I have to say shame on those individuals, those cowards who would rather be loyal to their brothers instead of the values their fraternity and, by extension, FIU strives to uphold.

The ideal PIKE member, as described on the fraternity’s website, is one who “challenge[s] all brothers to uphold” the code they follow — of integrity, leadership, and respect —  and “hold accountable those who do not.”

Preventing justice within this investigation clearly demonstrates their complete disregard for this code, as well as their own selfishness and cowardice.

Iris A. Febres

Alumna, 2010

B.A. in English


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  1. Francine McGinnis | October 10, 2013 at 9:25 AM | Reply

    The Dade County police force should be called in to investigate the young criminals who performed these criminal acts. It is not difficult to do with the help of the internet. You have a corrupted campus and I would not send my children to this school because of the unpunished criminal activity posing a threat to young women on campus. I earned my undergraduate degree at FIU in 1994 when I was proud of my alma mater. I am no longer proud of the degenerate campus and the immoral administration who will not carry out justice.

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