Letter to the Editor: Healthier options at Fresh Foods

Photo by Diego Saldana/FIUSM 

Yesterday I stopped by The Fresh Food Company for the first time, hoping to have some breakfast. I had read the Healthy for Life information online (on the Panther Dining site) and so I expected that healthy food options would be available. I was quite disappointed.

All I wanted was cereal, but none of the four cereal options was labelled (no name of the cereal and certainly no nutritional information). Every cereal is sweetened, even the Cheerios (it’s Honey Nut Cheerios). Honey Nut Cheerios has nine grams of sugar per three-fourths cup, and I would imagine that many folks put more than this amount in their bowl. Regular Cheerios has just one gram of sugar per serving. Shredded wheat has zero grams. No unsweetened yogurt is available either.

Is it any wonder why many freshmen gain 15 pounds in a year?!

Why are there not more truly healthy eating options available on campus for students who want and/or need low-fat, low/no-sugar cuisine? Students who live on campus and must purchase a meal plan are at particular risk if they do not have easy access to healthy food. The risk? Diabetes, obesity and all their associated health issues.

I call on Panther Dining/The Fresh Food Company to:

* provide clear labeling of cereals and other foods that are “self serve.”

* offer at least one unsweetened cereal as well as unsweetened yogurt

* consider other ways in which to offer low-fat, low-sugar or no-sugar options

* provide easy to read and understand information so students can make informed decisions when deciding what to eat

I would also love to see The Beacon embark on an investigation of healthy food options on campus. Thanks.


Corinna Moebius

FIU grad student (GSS)


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