This Is Ourselves Under Pressure (Rotation): Junette R.

DJ: Junette Cassette



1. Crocodiles- I Like It In the Dark

2. Sisu- Sinking Feeling

3. Oneohtrix- He She

4. Daughter- Human

5. The Raconteurs- Level

6. Dr. Dog- The Truth

7. Bass Drum of Death- Crawling After You

8. Ghost Wave- I Don’t Mind

9. Cocorosie- Tears for Animals

10. Mazzy Star- Fade Into You

11. Dent May- Born Too Late

12. Hercules and Love Affair- You Belong

13. The Multiple Cat- Vampire Bats/Mall Rats

14. King Khan and the Shrines- So Wild

15. Rush- Ghost of a Chance

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