University Student is Worlds Ahead with her First Published Book

Holly McCoach / Staff Writer

As the semester comes to an end, students can take advantage of their free time and pick up a good book to read.

Specifically, Wes L. Lotus’ recently published book, “Bare.”

Wes L. Lotus, a junior broadcast journalism major, had her first book released in mid-October on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. In a few weeks, it will be available on all major independent book sites. “Bare” bares it all with Lotus’ poems about love, wisdom and how to obtain a better life.

Each chapter discusses something a little different, which Lotus shares.

“There is a section in my book that’s called ‘History Lens’… It kind of touches up on my Haitian culture a little bit and what I aspire to be as a Haitian-American,” said Lotus.

“Bare” only gives a snippet of who Lotus is. Most of the book is filled with poems meant to inspire readers.

“I have a section called ‘Mind over Matter’…I also have a section that’s dedicated to young girls or women, period,” said Lotus.

Lotus originally wanted to be in the medical field, and even worked at the University of Miami hospital. She attended Miami-Dade College first, but transferred to FIU for its journalism program.

Her journey began in October when “Bare” was finally released. Lotus hopes to continue reaching her goals, and never settling for less. The book-launching party is just around the corner, where she hopes to grow her fan base.

“I’m trying to do something a little different where I actually put on a show for everyone so I can engage them, and so [that] they can get to learn my personality a little bit and what I like. And afterwards, any questions they may want to ask me, they can ask me.

And also, that will give them the opportunity to really be encouraged to purchase the book, and I can sign a copy for them,” said Lotus.

Although things are looking up for Lotus, she is still trying to raise money through, a website where donations can be given to help people with any events they may create. The first book-launching party will be held on Dec. 6 at the Biscayne Bay Campus. At the party, books will be distributed for Lotus to sign, and there will be questions and answers to get to know her better.

Lotus enjoys writing, and plans on doing it for the rest of her life, but she also dreams of directing and filming.

“I hope that I can dibble and dabble in the film world where I can help direct movies and whatnot, probably interview people, do a lot of work behind the scenes. As far as my next book, I hope that it can turn into an actual movie,” said Lotus.

Lotus’ second book, titled, “The Wait,” is a fictional story that will be released next year.

As for future books, Lotus plans on writing until she is off this earth.

“I feel like [writing is] a gift, so you might as well utilize it. I feel like everything will get better with time,” said Lotus.

Lotus’ book is available on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and, and donations to Lotus’ book-launching party can be sent on to Wes L Lotus.

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