Police chief identifies areas at MMC that need safety improvements

Photo by Florida International University.

Ariel Weinstein/Staff Writer

The University Police Department and Student Government Association led an annual safety walk pointing out campus areas that need safety improvements.

Chief of Police Alexander Casas identified pathways from the Health Center to Towers and Graham Center areas including the fountain and the walkway. Casas noted that lighting around campus needs improvement.


MMC campus areas that need safety improvements:

  • Outside of Graham Center fountain
  • Outside of Health Center
  • In front of Labor Center
  • Walking area beside intramural fields


Casas said the University plans to install bright white lights to replace the current yellow ones. “The lighting is not only to protect from a mugging, but it is also for students to see where they are walking and what they are doing,” he said.

Walk participants, including SGA President Liane Sippin, met at Bustelo in GC on the evening of Nov. 6.

“I am not required to attend these safety walks, but I like to because it is my responsibility to oversee the safety of the students,” Sippin said.

Sippin feels the walks are not only a safety precaution, but also an important maintenance system.

“We like doing these walks and getting things fixed as soon as possible. We don’t want to just say we are going to do them,” Casas said.

UPD and SGA host safety walks each year, but Casas said he wants to start hosting them on a semester basis.

During the walk, Casas and Sippin snapped photos of specific areas in need of maintenance. The chief passed the information on to the facilities for safety improvements.

Casas noted that in addition to lighting issues, some buildings that should be locked at night are not always secure.

Since the safety walks started, he said there have been improvements in lighting, security cameras and call boxes.

Casas said dim orange lights will be turned to white brighter more energy efficient lights. This change was done near the School of International and Public Affairs.

According to Casas, the last serious incident at the University occurred three years ago.

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