How to vacation the affordable way

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Nerlyn Galan/Contributing Writer 

Vacations are as common as ice cream in the summer and hot chocolate in the winter. Everyone takes a vacation every now and again but when you do it, what you do, where you go, or how much you spend is entirely up to you.

However, with this difficult economy, what used to be budget-friendly has now become much more costly, causing vacations to become almost extinct.Prices are rising everywhere and what used to be affordable vacations are becoming shockingly expensive.

I’ve gone on two vacations this year, one to Walt Disney World Resort and the other to Sanibel Island, Fl, and I found myself planning them both. In the process, I saw how prices and other things today have really changed since less than 10 years ago.

When I was younger, Walt Disney World was a family budget-friendly place to vacation with a one day ticket adult price only $40-$45. Have you seen their prices now? They have doubled in price to the grand total of $90 for a one-day adult pass.

The price increase isn’t just for the ticket entrance but also for food. Food prices are suddenly high not only in the parks but in almost every other area that is overpopulated with tourists as well. Whether it be in the countryside, a big city, or even by the beach almost every single restaurant in the country is increasing their prices with a dinner entree plate range of $25-$60.

This average more or less depends on where you go on vacation, the location of the restaurant, and what you order. However, if you manage to get a hotel room with a kitchen, you can bring along groceries and save a lot of money.

Now that’s another thing to consider because a hotel room with a kitchen can cost more than a regular room, and prices have inflated since 2009, especially in popular destinations.

Vacations have become difficult even in the movie theater, which is sometimes considered a small vacation from reality and everyday life, especially during the great depression. The price of a ticket has increased to almost $12 from the $5 it used to cost just a few years ago.

Everyone deserves a vacation, even if it’s in your town, but instead of complaining about rising prices and little money, be smart about how you plan. So next time you are planning a vacation, take the best possible ways to save money: set a strict budget, book early, look around different sites for low prices, and balance your cost by deciding what’s more important for you and distributing costs accordingly. So even though prices continue to rise for many things, there are always going to be opportunities for a cheap yet enjoyable vacation. 

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