Letter to the Editor: School Security

In reference to the article in the November 8th Beacon, it is honestly one of the scariest and most atrocious pieces I have ever seen on a newspaper—it’s no wonder no one takes the Beacon seriously.

The writer, Krysti Lopez, comes across as a complete socialist, and completely fails to consider the feasibility of any of the undertakings she recommends, since they would all be exorbitantly expensive.

She paints a picture of a school looking like something out of a police-state movie. I mean, really? Metal detectors? We waste enough time parking! We don’t need more lines making us late to class. And this is applicable in all schools, not just FIU.

I conclude with a quote from one of our founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin: “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

Bryan Morera

Senior/Political Science



1. “School shootings compromise security and privacy,” FIUSM.com

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  1. A quick comment on feasibility. Your student government has a yearly budget of $11+ million. The average, quality metal detector costs roughly $4,000-5,000. Generally, surpluses do occur in which case your student government could begin a program regarding campus safety and educating students on how to handle an active shooter alert. Investing in safety techniques is virtually free. Simply talk to the police department/campus police and have them hold presentations. http://imgur.com/IW8simF?tags

    Being a commuter school, you have plenty of visitors every day – to a library or otherwise. With no regard to the crazy acts of violence, metal detectors are about as common when walking into a building as you hitting traffic at anytime of the day. Late to class, leave earlier. Insanity is defined as…well I’m sure Bryan knows, he’s a poli-sci major.

    My school has weekly issues with crime. Metal detectors don’t stop crimes, but they add a sense of security. At the end of the day I’m pretty sure Bryan would rather have the ability to send a Letter to the Editor than deal with a crisis that might determine life or death. Maybe that’s just me.

    Seriously thought, look into preventative techniques and training for campus – it’s something to consider. SGA will back you up if you structure your idea. And even if you disagree with the metal detector argument/cameras – come up with something more cost-effective. It could save lives.

    I conclude with two quotes from one of our founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin:
    “Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain – and most fools do.”
    “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

    Nick P

    Super Duper Senior/Double Major Music/Psychology/Beard Grower

    1. “School shootings compromise security and privacy,” FIUSM.com
    2. “Letter to the Editor School Security”

    • I’m going to have to agree with my fellow beardsman- I would much rather be 2 minutes late to a class than a lifetime late at home because a bullet was put into my body.

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