Even busy bees take time to smell the flowers

Photo by elPadawan, via flickr 

Raul Herrera/Staff Writer 

“Civilization V,” one of my favorite video games, has a quote that pops up once you build the Eiffel Tower.

“We live only to discover beauty. All else is a form of waiting,” as said by Kahlil Gibran.

Of course, we all know that this quote is not absolutely true, however, it is quite inspirational.

I am a busy man, just ask my friends. Jobs, schoolwork and club work all ensure that a good portion of my time is occupied doing something. I imagine that the amount of things I do is miniscule compared to other University students who have tons of activities on their plate.

Then, of course, there is finals week. The hustle and bustle of the semester reaches its zenith as scores of students crowd the library and silently study till their minds cannot retain a single iota of information. Some even exile themselves, not showering or resting until they feel prepared for their exams.

In the midst of this chaos, one forgets to do what the old maxim says: to stop and smell the roses.

As you go about your day, use the small seconds of time you have to appreciate the beauty that surrounds you. Walk near the School of International Affairs building and take a moment to observe the fish and turtles swim beneath the bridge. Observe the rare and underrated University sunset. Take a glance at the fascinating sculptures spread throughout the Modesto A. Maidique Campus. Sit near the Gold Parking Garage and see the occasional kitten scurry along the bushes. If you frequent the Biscayne Bay Campus, just look outside.

Ponder these wonders. Why are they there? Who placed them there? Give your mind a slight break and delve into these and other questions.

It is not just these beauties that you can take time to appreciate. There are also things you can value because of their quirkiness. Learn about an FIU urban legend, like the bells or the student who drank Coke instead of Pepsi on-campus.

Okay, so I made up the last one. It definitely should be a thing though. Perhaps you can ponder on how you can add it to the slim compendium of FIU folktales.

Maybe this is all a good stress reliever. Maybe it could make you feel thankful for such blessings. Others in the world do not have these little things to appreciate. Thanksgiving may be long gone, but giving thanks, as my friend says, is a lifestyle.

As you rush about preparing for finals and other activities in the waning weeks of the semester, take time to smell the roses and to discover the beauty in things that surround you. Who knows what you’ll find.


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