Student Government Association meet and greet

Photo by Stephanie Piedrahita/FIUSM 

Stephanie Piedrahita and Junette Reyes/FIUSM Staff

The Student Government Association at FIU serves as representational government for the student body.

Their mission is stated on their website as the following:

• Serving as an advocate for the rights and common interest of the students;

• Fostering student life, encouraging community involvement, and embracing diversity

• Enhancing and preserving academic excellence and integrity;

• Acting as a liaison between the student body, the University, and external communities.

Members of SGA at MMC were out for a meet and greet on Monday, Jan 6 in the GC Pit as part of the Week of Welcome events for Spring 2014. FIUSM got to sit down with one member, Luis Cabrera, to find out more about his involvement in SGA.

Luis Cabrera, the interviewed, is majoring in English, minoring is education and completing a certificate in film studies.

What is your position within SGA and what are your duties?

I’m the Student Advancement Coordinator. That basically means that I act as the liaison between Student Government and five offices including Veteran and Military Affairs, Student Access, International Student and Scholarship Services, Multicultural Programs and Services and Student Health.

Why did you decide to become a part of SGA?

I was looking to really make an influence on the campus. Student government sometimes gets a really bad rep but I believe it’s the best way to give students a voice. I’m the kind of person that I want to leave a legacy before I graduate from FIU. So this seemed like a really great opportunity and when it presented itself, I couldn’t say no.

What else are you involved in on campus?

I’m also the overall director of the Homecoming Council. I also serve on the e-board of Wishmakers on campus as their secretary. I’ve also recently been elected as the vice president of Theta Chi Iota Omicron. 

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