A decision for both

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Jenna Kefauver/ Staff Writer

I don’t like the argument that a father shouldn’t have to be a father just because the girl he got pregnant doesn’t want to give up the baby. Yes, of course it’s his decision too, but that’s a pretty big decision: deciding to be a deadbeat.

This goes both ways though. I feel that way about the mother too. You should stay with your children for as long as you can.
I’ve known a lot of people in my life who were abandoned by one or both of their parents. That’s an awful thing to do to something beautiful that you created. It leads to psychological problems of every kind and that’s not fair to a child. I believe Harry Potter said it best when he said, “Parents shouldn’t leave their kids unless —unless they’ve got to.”
I’m not saying raising a kid single-handedly is impossible, it’s not. But it’s hard. My dad was a single parent and not because my mom left. But he raised both me and my brother on his own, and personally, I think he did a great job. But it’s not fair to put that on someone just because you can’t be bothered to raise your own child. A beautiful miracle that you created.

I understand the feeling that a man should have the right to say whether or not he wants a child, but…

It takes two to tango and these two people should realize that every time they have sex, she could get pregnant.

So, if you’re engaging in sexual intercourse, you need to be mentally prepared to have a child. Abstinence is the only method that’s 100% accurate. Condoms are only 98% accurate and birth control pills, unless used perfectly, are only 95% accurate.

That’s why kids in high school shouldn’t have sex. You haven’t even graduated high school; there’s no way you’re ready to raise a kid. They’re not mature enough, or responsible enough, fiscally or otherwise. It’s not possible to raise a kid in high school; you can’t provide for the future of two people.

So don’t be silly, wrap your willy. Wrap it before you tap it, whatever overused cliche sticks in your mind, just don’t abandon your kids.

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