Clubbing: Maybe We Shouldn’t

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Stephanie Piedrahita/ Contributing Writer

If you’re always on Instagram, like I am, you’ve seen beach day pictures posted up with the hashtag “ilivewhereyouvacation”. We live in Miami, the epicenter of beautiful beaches, interesting people, and the most diverse night life in the entire country so we aren’t wrong when we boast about our city. I remember how excited I was when I finally turned 18 and was able to get into clubs and immerse myself into the Miami lifestyle that I would hear about or see on TV. However, I quickly decided that clubbing is extremely overrated. Yes, we live in the perfect city to go out and have a good time…if you’re a tourist.

It can be very tempting to get up and visit Mekka, Space or LIV on any given day of the week–which is conveniently only a 20 minute drive away– and head out with your crew and party until you forget what day it is. Why not?  It’s a convenient and reliable way to have a good time these days, but there are alternatives. You’ll be agreeing with me when you’re banging your head against the wall (if you don’t have a hangover) after you see your bank account balance the day after your club hopping adventures. Let me remind you that we are still young and the club scene will still be booming for quite some time so instead we should start preparing for bigger and better things.

Festival season is right around the corner so if you play it right, you could be dancing with celebrities during the week of the Winter Music Conference, granted you opt out on one or two Whiskey Wednesdays. The beach is right there, so working on your tan and still having a good time (and doing it for absolutely no cost) is highly suggested versus long lines late at night just for the small chance you’ll get in.

If you’re willing to make the drive to The Grove, then you can definitely make the trip every second Saturday to Wynwood and be inspired at Artwalk which is famous for its art installations and galleries and yes, there are bars that surround the area.  If anything, wait until one of your favorite DJs is in town to make the journey to a club and actually enjoy the music instead of bumping to songs you can’t even name. There is no excuse not to have fun in Miami, but there is no reason that every single time you do should be under strobe lights, mediocre music and a foggy conscience. With that being said, party responsibly wherever you are and trust me when I say that your wallet will be thanking me later.

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