Jordan Retro 3’s release never before seen color

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This weekend will see a number of releases that will be on the top of every sneaker heads list. Much of the releases will be coming from the Jordan brand as the Air Jordan 3 “Powder” will be released on Saturday, Jan. 18, in a never before seen colorway. Also coming out Saturday will be the release of the Air Jordan 6 Rings “Atomic Orange Elephant”.

Air Jordan 3 makes history

The Air Jordan 3 “Powder” is a low top sneaker and is part of the classic Jordan Retro family. The Powder has some black outlines to the design of the shoe but what makes this Retro so unique and my number one shoe to buy this weekend is the fact that its dark powder blue color is a first in its history.

The Air Jordan 3 first released back in 1988 when basketball legend Michael Jordan first wore them during the 1988 Dunk Contest Championship and many other events in his basketball career. In 26 years of development this is the first time that the sneaker will ever be in this color.

The history of the shoe itself is what makes the “Powder” a must buy this weekend and a shoe that must be bought the same day. There is no waiting on this shoe; if you don’t buy it on the 18 then you missed out on grabbing a pair of sneaker history.

The “Powder” will be selling at a retail price of $170 however, this is a shoe that in years to come can see its original price double and perhaps triple due to its uniqueness and history it will hold in the Air Jordan Era.

Air Jordan 6 Rings unique name brings interest  

Also releasing this Saturday will be the Atomic Orange Elephant 6 Rings model, which people should buy just because the name itself is just amazing. This will be the second Jordan shoe releasing this weekend and will be sold at a retail price of $160.

The Atomic Orange Elephant is a high top sneaker that has a mostly black and grey color however, the grey portion of the shoe has a “elephant” style print to it while the bottom and inside of the sneaker is a bright orange thus explain the name.

This a perfect shoe for the person who enjoys collecting sneakers but not wanting anything that is to bright or flashy. It’s a nice change of pace compared to the other styles of sneakers and a very solid B plan if you are not able to grab the Powder’s.

Kobe 7 dominates Nike Air Up 14

The final two sneakers’ that will be releasing this Saturday will be coming from the Nike brand. Let’s start with the good which will be the Kobe 7 Prelude that unlike the last Prelude is much less flashy in its design.

The Kobe 7 Prelude is a black and gray shoe with unique diamond design pattern while the back part of the shoe is gold in color. The Prelude will be the most expensive shoe coming out this weekend selling for a retail price of $200.

The final shoe and my personal worst shoe of the weekend is the Nike Air Up 14 “Orlando Magic”. This shoe has a black and white Zebra pattern to the design while the Nike check is a dark blue color. At $140 the Nike Air Up 14 will be the cheapest of all the sneakers this upcoming weekend.

For me the shoe itself is just a very dull and boring shoe. There’s not a whole lot of life to it and the bulkiness of the show is very thick and heavy in its design. 

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