The odds and ends of life

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Junette Reyes/Entertainment Director

The unpredictability and spontaneity of life, although appreciated at times, sometimes means that things will get tough. You might find yourself in a situation where, at best, you’re stressed and, at worst, it seems like all hope is lost.

From recent personal experience, it is very easy to find yourself at a point in which all you want to do is give up and remain stagnant. This is especially true when tragedy strikes at a really important time. In my case, the beginning of the semester as a senior, where all of my important classes are just beginning alongside all the responsibilities I have taken on as a member of Student Media.

A stubborn version of myself would suck it up and keep moving forward, not allowing myself to have any meltdowns or show any signs of not being okay. A more enlightened version of myself, however, has emerged throughout the years, which has allowed me to realize that sometimes, it’s okay to admit when you and everything around you is not all right. Not only that, but actually share this with individuals in my life who are overwhelmingly caring and loving towards me.

And that is something I’ve always had trouble doing. I have never felt like it was my place to share my burdens with others, even with the closest of friends. It puts me in an interesting position, as I am usually the one who always listens but never the one that shares.

With this newfound enlightenment, I have learned that simply letting someone know what’s going on is one of the best things you can do. It lets others understand what is going on, which can explain any changes in your behavior and mood. It also gives you the opportunity to vent, as it rarely is ever healthy to keep everything to yourself. It’s just a matter of having the right people in your life you feel comfortable opening up to.

We all deal with tragedies and misfortunes in our own ways, I understand that. I admit that my way of dealing with it is by keeping myself as busy as possible, which isn’t such a hard thing to do. But I understand now that I should take the time to let myself actually process my misfortunes and acknowledge when everything is not okay.

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