Panthers, dress better

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Jenna Kefauver

For most of the students here at the University, our end goal is to educate ourselves and then use that education to get a good job and support our families.

For some, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Especially those who I see walking around in shirts that say things like, “I’m here to f*** s**t up”. First, no, you’re not. Second, you’re paying thousands of dollars to attend this University, and you’re going to wear that?

These professors are going to be the ones writing your recommendation letters and you want them to remember you as the kid who wore the shirt with a bunch of swear words?

As well as the girls who show up half naked to class. I once saw a girl wearing no pants. Just no pants at all.

And please, for the love of God, wear a bra. Especially if your shirts are loose fitting. I should at least have to buy you dinner first before seeing that much. A little bit of cleavage goes a very long way.

Also, onesies are not clothing. Those are pajamas for small children.

I’m not saying that you can’t wear what you want, but maybe you should have separate club and school outfits.

And that doesn’t mean come to school in a suit and tie or a skirt suit. That’s not necessary.

If you are, however, wearing a nice outfit to school, don’t pair it with 6-inch stilettos with a 2-inch platform on the front. That’s not business attire; that’s confusion.

You can wear yoga pants or jeans, but maybe tone down your shirt selection. Don’t wear shirts with marijuana leaves on them. Make sure you’re mostly covered and you at least look decently professional. Remember that these professors can control your future.

Just a few words of advice.


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  1. I feel that although the writer of this opinion post has the best intentions for fellow college students some of this “advice” tends to lean towards slut-shaming. If a woman wants to wear gym shorts and a sports bra to class, that is their prerogative. Whether or not someone wears a bra does not gauge someone’s devotion to their education. I do agree that professors often hold the key to getting a good recommendation letter or a good word for your graduate program, but I would hope that they could look past a student’s clothing and be a little less shallow than this opinion paints them to be.

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