SPC at BBC hosted Haitian-themed Kompa Night

Junette Reyes/Entertainment Director 

The Student Programming Council situated at Biscayne Bay Campus had their Kompa Night on Thursday, Jan. 16. The event is the first one of many this Spring semester that occurs on a monthly basis.

The event is like a regular dance with music, food and activities, except it is themed differently every month, specifically around a genre of music. The first night was themed around Kompa music, which is a genre of music that originates from Haiti. The genre of music known as Kompa is characterized by the use of drums, congas, cowbell, guitars, keyboards, a horn section, a modern synthesizer and a bass. It is also labeled as a modern form of meringue, which is another genre of music native to Haiti.

Previous genres or themes that have been featured include Reggae Night and Havana Night. Havana Night was particularly done in accordance with Hispanic Heritage Month this previous fall semester. The Student Programming Council tends to theme the events around a genre that has not been featured before or a genre that might be associated with something taking place in that specific month.

“They try to tie it in with a genre of music they haven’t done in a while or they’ll theme it depending if there is a special occasion happening that month,” said Kaytien Franco, the marketing/public relations assistant in the Office of Campus Life at BBC.

According to Franco, Kompa had not been used as a featured genre of music for a while, so they decided to bring it back for this first event of the semester. JBeatz, who is a Haitian artist, was featured as the guest artist during Kompa Night. Kompa Night took place in the WUC Ballrooms at BBC from 8 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.


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