SGC-BBC President sets goals for the new year

Alyssa Elso/Staff Writer

Plans to improve the Biscayne Bay Campus are of utmost importance to Student Government Council President Fu Zhou-Wu, as she sets her goals for the Student Government Association in the new year.

One of Wu’s main goals is to get a second road access to Biscayne Bay Campus.

The only road to access BBC has been a concern for students, because it tends to be time consuming.

This road can often be frustrating when forced to travel at school zone reduced speeds of 15 miles per hour due to the high school and K-8 center that students need to pass by to reach campus.

Only having access to one road will also cause delays in case of emergencies.

“Last year, in May there was major rainfall which caused a flood and many students and faculty were stuck here,” said Wu.

Last year, SGA began the Second Road to Success Campaign in order to create a second access road for students, faculty and staff to easily get to and from BBC.

This year, Wu hopes to make more students aware of this campaign in order to make it a realization.

“We want to spread the word to students so that they can become advocates, and we are looking for ambassadors [for the campaign]” Wu said.

Currently, there are talks of three possible alternate roads: one from 135th Street, another from 143th Street, and one accessed through Oleta River State Park.

According to Wu, the most viable route would be from 135th Street, as there is already a walking path there and it would lead students straight to campus.

Plans to get the electronic welcoming sign back up and running is also in effect. Broken for about a year, the sign is used to inform students of upcoming events that are taking place on campus.

“It is very important to me to get the sign fixed as soon as possible,” said Wu.

Dining options at BBC are of major concern to most students, who according to Wu often complain of lack of variety or having nothing available on the weekends.

“After collaborating with Business and Services the university is going to bring a Subway and a Starbucks to campus,” said Wu.

The Subway is set to replace Bistro Subs and Cafe at The Bay. While Starbucks, which will be open on weekends, will be located inside the Glenn Hubert Library.

As many projects have yet to begin, one that Wu is happy to see nearing completion is the renovation of the Wolfe University Center.

“Having the facade of the Wolfe University Center renovated is a really good thing,” said Wu.

“We [SGA] did not fund the entire project, but we did fund a large chunk of it.”

The grand opening is set to take place on Mar. 31.

A recent issue that has been brought to Wu’s attention from students is the placement of the One Card machine. Many students have had trouble finding the machine that is currently located in WUC and Wu is working to get it moved closer to the bus pick-up.

Wu, who has many high hopes for SGA this semester, has also planned for the future of SGA.

“During my administration I came up with a five-year vision plan, that I hope the future leader will continue,” said Wu. “The long term goals include having student government chambers, housing and an amphitheatre.”

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