Dream chasing Kickstarter

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Daniela Cadena/Contributing Writer

Certain objects, topics, or fetishes attract all of us. I am personally fascinated by hobbies. They make us extraordinary humans, exposing each person’s hidden talents. Our hobbies are conversation starters. They keep us motivated to keep moving forward.

The fact that they make us forget our differences, where we come from, what languages we speak and just let us appreciate the passions that bring us together, truly intrigues me. It is one of few things that can gather millions of people at global levels. That is how it all started: I became somewhat obsessed by how musicians, soccer players, dancers and basketball players could be so different but all share a love for one particular thing.

Being a full-time student with five classes, two part-time jobs, as well as being Director of Fundraising for the AMA here at FIU, and trying to get my start-up out there is nearly impossible. But the fun I have doing it makes it so worth it.

It is difficult for people to take you serious, especially when you are in an “idea” stage.  And it is sad to see how many people underestimate you, but those are the ones that inspire you to keep going. To not give up, even when you feel like all doors are slammed in your face.

The more you ask and persist, the sooner you will come across individuals like Steven Luis, Boris Hirmas, Andrej Kostresevic, Robert Hacker, Juan Caraballo, among others, who are inspired by your determination. And those people will help you and guide you beyond your wildest dreams.

One of the things that made all the difference was taking advantage of my professors. They are priceless assets, which we as student sometimes take for granted.

And the other secret ingredient was my own classmates. We are part of a university with over 55,000 students; we must take advantage of this. I took any opportunity to find out what other students do. What their passions are. And then each of them gave me their opinion.

During my fall semester, I was coming to school, working and going to MeetUps, workshops, and networking events, and Hackathons. I was part of #teamnosleep. During an entire semester and prototype building, thanks to all the people I met, I was able to put together Squid.

I learned how to make a website (Squidapp.co). I learned how to use Photoshop, and now I am learning Illustrator. If you love what you are creating, you will meet amazing people just like you that are going against all odds to make their dreams come to life as well.

Creating a startup while you’re in college is a great experience; you have nothing to lose. You open amazing opportunities, discover people with great connections, and learn way more than if simply spent your time sitting, studying, eating and watching TV.

Now after a year of working on Squid, I have decided to launch my KickStarter campaign. I want people to come together for what we are passionate about.

I am not going to lie, many people have laughed and continue to laugh at my attempt to bring Squid to life. But then I read that Grayson Marshall said, “If people are not laughing at your dreams, then you are not dreaming big enough.”

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  1. you are allowed to write about yourself? nice! i will do this as well. ;)

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