Sunday Sunday: The quiet day on campus

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Jennipher Schafer/ Contributing Writer

By Jennipher Schafer

Throughout the week it’s often hard to find a place to sit and enjoy my mocha frappuccino, let alone find a decent place to study.

All too often I retreat into my dorm room and lock the door.  It probably doesn’t help that as an English major I have more assigned reading than time, or so it would seem at least.  Living here has its advantages naturally.  I just never thought one of them would be Sundays on-campus.

Saturdays are a whirlwind of catching up on reading assignments and trying to get ahead while doing mundane chores like laundry and cleaning up my apartment.  Sunday is quite literally a day to recharge with quiet walks around campus.  Interestingly enough, my first few Sundays on-campus last semester as well as this one have had several things in common.  There are so few people on-campus that at times other than the hum of the buildings’ air conditioners it could be used for a scene in a zombie apocalypse film.  It is also quite easy to find a quiet place to read outside and enjoy the fresh air.

Sundays you have the unique ability to find the precious few gazebos free.  It is very relaxing to sit up on one of the benches there and listen to the water fountains and even the birds nearby.  In between chapters it’s fun to catch glimpses of the tiny turtles sunbathing.  A few adventurous ones even come closer possibly in search of food scraps you might have dropped.  After that spot grows old you’re not a far walk from the Breezeway Café for a snack or even a Jamba Juice smoothie.

The campus is great for either brisk or leisurely walks on Sunday.  The nature trail near Parkview Hall is not as crowded giving one the sense of actually being on a nature preserve as opposed to a small enclosure.  It is advised though to go early enough in the day so that you are not caught needing to use your phone as a flashlight.  It is a very beautiful trail and with the multiple winding paths it never needs to be the same walk twice.

The swinging picnic tables in the courtyard by the large fountain are also available it seems, exclusively on Sundays.  These shaded spots offer a much desired place to take notes, outline papers, and read while enjoying a shady spot.

If you live on-campus don’t sit trapped in your room on Sunday thinking it’s going to be the same.  Get out and enjoy the spots you can’t secure during the week and smile knowing you have them to yourself then.

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