SPC presents new movie series in BBC

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Mariana Nava/Contributing Writer

Every semester the Student Programming Council of BBC brainstorm ideas for events that they think will allow students to take time to kick back after the stress of their classes.

They have found that movies seem to do the trick.

“We basically just make plans for the semester for the students to enjoy themselves and take away stress from class work, and when they take a little downtime, they can go watch the movies,” said Stephanie Felix, SPC movie director.

This spring, SPC selected three movies to honor Black History Month–“Fruitvale Station,” “42,” and “The Butler.”

These will be shown for students to see how these stories have shaped today’s society.

SPC also wanted to mix things up with different movie genres. They chose to to show sci-fi film, “The Hunger Games,” and the romantic drama,“The Notebook,” will be shown as a drive-in movie.

SPC has been organizing movie showings since last semester, and it always tries to be innovative and sometimes, to adapt the movies to the season.

The first movie showing, “Fruitvale Station,” is based on a true story and portrays the experiences of a 22-year-old man named Oscar Grant on the last day of his life. In one day, he faces different situations where his friends, enemies, strangers and family are involved. The showing is planned for Jan. 29.

In Feb. 5, students can watch the film,“42. This movie is based on the life of the first African-American baseball player, Jackie Robinson, and his arduous fight against racism to join the Major Leagues.

In Feb. 12, students can catch a showing of “The Butler,” a drama about a man who served eight presidents during his stay in the White House.

This movie series event will take place at the Mary Ann Wolfe Theater in BBC at 12 p.m., where FIU students can attend for free.

There will be a second showing of each movie in the Wolfe University Center, room 157, at 5 p.m.

The drive-in movie experience will be open to the public, but SPC is still working out the times.

For more information about the movie showings and other events that SPC has planned for this semester, visit the Campus Life office in BBC.


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