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Stephanie Piedrahita/ Staff Writer

When I was in kindergarten, there was a little boy who had given me a pair of earrings for my birthday along with an announcement to the whole classroom on how I was now his girlfriend.

That relationship lasted a week since it was some other girl’s birthday the week after but nonetheless, it was very cute and brave for a boy to have done that. We held hands, I got a few kisses on my cheek every few minutes and we even shared our crayons with each other (which was a super big deal at the time); it was adorable.

As I grew older, I’d see the same kind of hand holding in middle school and now kids were getting creative and would buy balloons or flowers instead of sharing crayons. I even remember how girls would talk for days about how red their cheeks were when their crush pop kissed them for the first time. Puppy love and affection was still cute when we were kids and it is still now.

What is not adorable is walking through campus and seeing some serious tongue action from the couple going at it up against a wall.  Public displays of affection, or PDA as we more famously refer them as, is at an all-time high since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and couples need to one up each other in corny-ness it seems.

I’ve been keeping score and I’ve seen just about five different couples thinking they are in the middle of their honeymoon, a little sad considering this was all in the Graham Center. I would expect this from high school kids but when you see an adult couple acting like it’s their prom night in the middle of campus all you could really do is shake your head and hope you didn’t see anything profane.

I’m all for showing your partner affection whenever you feel the need to but do it in a way where you’re not causing a public disturbance. We’re all more than capable to realize that there is a time and place for romantic outbursts and if that place happens to be near a sidewalk on my way to class, we definitely need to get more imaginative than that.

I applaud couples who don’t feel the need to be attached to their partner’s lips all the time and are satisfied with actually talking and hanging out with each other and develop their relationship past the physical aspect of things. If you’re trying to make a point about how much you love your significant other to the rest of the world, congratulations! You’ve done it and now there is an article about it so cheers.  However, they’re called ‘intimate’ moments for a reason.

Direct your attention and care to them in private, those will be the memories and words they’ll remember more than that one time you were all over each other during lunch I promise you.

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