“Ride Along” not as impressive as the starring actors

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Martell Harding/Staff Writer 

Not too many people can say that they haven’t seen at least one of the many “Friday” movies and most of you may have taken your kids to see “Ice Age” and it’s many sequels, and we all know about the 5’4” comedic legend in the making.

It was at the premier of “Ride Along” where I had the opportunity to meet John Leguizamo, Ice Cube and Kevin Hart, the three stars for the new comedy, “Ride Along”. Shortly after the interviews, we all went into the theater to watch the movie. However, I’ll get to the interviews first.

Benny Blanco from the Bronx, as most like to call him, was the first in line. Steering clear of repetitive questions, I proceeded  to ask what his favorite movie was, “this year I’m a big fan of 12 Years a Slave and Dallas Buyers Club…” he responded. To which I agreed, “Those are some great films, for years to come.” I also wanted to know if Kevin Hart was a diva, “No actually he wasn’t…” he said, “He’s as funny off camera as he is on camera.”

Funnyman Kevin Hart, who plays high school security guard Ben Barber, approached me in a mock-tuxedo long sleeve shirt. We briefly talked about his favorite dish that his mother cooked him, grits and eggs. He complimented her highly, regarding that everyone else’s grits are, “Soupy grits.” He also told me that if someone were to make another movie similar to “Goodfellas,” he would love to play a role like Joe Pesci, “No one would ever expect me in a role like that.” That one is for all you aspiring screenwriters out there.

As Ice Cube drew near, I sensed an aura of thug life. He walks tall, never removing his shades from his eyes. Although, obviously anxious to view the screening I quickly asked him which role he’d like to do in his career. Shocked by the question he responded, “I’d like to be in a role similar to Tony Montana in Scarface.” I felt silly, not already assuming such an answer. Seeing an OG like Ice Cube in such a badass role would be genius. Take note aspiring screenwriters.

The film itself unfortunately wasn’t as exciting as meeting the great men who were in them. Directed by Tim Story (Fantastic Four, Taxi Driver, Barbershop), a director who specializes in general entertainment, tries his best to bring a lacking script to life. It comes to a slow start and although it is funny, it’s only slapstick humor. Throughout the film you await some sort of essence or sense of pacing but we’re left with one liners from Kevin Hart and expletives from Ice Cube and overly predictable situations. The action from this action-comedy is also missing somewhat.

That said, if you’re a fan of Kevin Hart and want a good date movie, this comes highly recommended. It is funny, even if it isn’t constantly funny. This movie is rated PG-13 for sequences of violence, sexual content and brief strong language.


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