The best and worst dressed of the Grammys

Johany Hernandez/Contributing Writer

The Grammys are a time to really stand out and take fashion risks. If you want to understated silhouettes and classic colors, go to the Golden Globes or the Oscars. The Grammys always leave everyone talking, whether for better or for worse. Overall, there were looks that made headlines and others that looked like yesterday’s news.

Taylor Swift, the pop-country superstar glowed in a metallic dress designed by Gucci. Normally Swift likes to dress in demure and lackluster colors, but this dress is nothing short of amazing. The Gucci premiere gown was tailored to perfection because it fit her like a glove and shimmered throughout the carpet.

If Beyoncé would’ve released her self-titled album sooner, she might’ve taken home many awards, but this femme fatale did no wrong on the red carpet. Her lace, see-through Michael Costello gown, that looked nothing like your grandmas doilies, graced the carpet and was stunning in white.

Christine Teigen, model and love of John Legend, wore a gold sequin, strapless gown designed by Johanna Johnson. The gown had a sexy “V” cutout on top to show a bit of cleavage and a slit to show some leg. This dress answers the question of why John Legend can’t stop writing love songs.

Nadeea Volianova turned heads at the red carpet, but for all the wrong reasons. She is an electronic artist and was born in Paris, France, but there was nothing Chanel about her ensemble. She wore an electric blue dress with lace up sandal booties and together is one hot, fairy-like mess. Not to mention her hair looked flat and fried. If you didn’t know who she was, you will now.

Sara Bareilles baffled me with her mullet dress and all its feathery decorations. The Blumarine gown looked like a duck flew through an airplane fan. The fit was wrong, and the matchy-matchy tangerine clutch and shoes were nothing short of juvenile. The beachy-boho hair was pretty cool, but made no sense with the gown. Nothing but question marks for Miss Bareilles.

Just when you thought she did it wrong on the Golden Globes, she continued that trend of wearing horrible dresses at the Grammys. Paula Patton, wife of Robin Thicke, stunned me at the red carpet and it was more like from a tranquilizer that was her dress. Designed by Nicolas Jebran, the zebra print, painted on dress was disastrous, but what caught my eyes first were the lions designed over her chest. Her lioness hair continued my confusion. Zebra print + lions over chest + lioness hair = perfection and cohesive? I don’t think so. 

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