You Shall Not Pass: Stop crowding the GC hallways

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Jennipher Schafer/Contributing Writer

Overcrowding on campus isn’t really an issue unless you’re trying to park your car at a peak hour.  However, there are occasions when it seems that everyone on campus is in GC. More specifically, they are blocking the entire main hall by the pit, making a simple task like walking to class daunting. Granted fundraising events such as bake sales often are a tasty diversion at times, it is still incredibly frustrating to have virtually no room to move through the building because one or more groups have commandeered the entire path for a display, show, or other event. Some may think it’s lame, but if I have to reroute my entire path to a class on the second floor of the GC because one group has taken over it is irritating.

Backing up a few steps, allow me to explain.  I have my reasons for not joining in the crowds which gather around these events.  For one, the music is nearly always louder than most concerts I’ve attended.  And I’ve been to Ozzfest to see Disturbed, Slipknot, Manson, and Sabbath, so that’s loud. If I can hear the music in the back of the Fresh Food Company, chances are it really is too loud. I also am one of the students on campus with a service animal and music that loud can cause him physical harm to his eardrums; not good. The other issue is timing. These events seem to always render it impossible to get to class on time even if I’ve left the dorm with time to spare. The crowds are packed around the entire pit and block even the hall behind the stairs, making veering in that direction just as difficult.

The biggest issue isn’t so much the events themselves. I understand clubs have events and it can get adrenaline pumping in some of the student body. What isn’t ok is blocking the entire pathway so that anyone on their way to class is forced to practically jump over the tables in the dining area to get around the throng of people crowded around the event. A little crowd control would be a very welcome thing at events where this kind of people traffic jam full of onlooker delays is expected. Keep the action in the pit and mark out some kind of a buffer zone so others can walk by and get to class. I hardly think it’s too much to ask that people have a path.

Perhaps these things can’t be helped at all, but if that is in fact the case, why are these kind of events scheduled in the pit at all?  If they can’t be contained and allow the purpose of university, that is going to class and learning, then are they hindering? I think yes, they are hindering if they spill out and prevent students from making it to class both on time and in one piece. I’m sure they’re fun, but the purpose for our being here is to graduate. Maybe I’m the boring girl who doesn’t go to all the parties, but I don’t think I’m the only one here.

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  1. I didn’t read the article b/c it from fiu, but i did laugh at the fact that fiu can’t even get a picture of the gc hallway this article is referring to, but only a picture of a nerd holding a leaf in a middle school. lulz

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