SGC-BBC hosts MAST students at general meeting

Image by FIU, courtesy of Creative Commons

Alyssa Elso/Staff Writer

The Student Government Association invited MAST Academy’s Student Government to sit in on Wednesday’s general meeting. With some ice cream on hand to enjoy, the cabinet and senate members gave advice to the high school leaders and discussed upcoming plans and events to take place this semester.

Richard Azimov, SGA Vice President was happy to have the high school freshmen learn about student government at the college level and to see them voice their own concerns as members of the FIU community.

“I feel very privileged and happy to have the students learn about student government at the college level,” said Azimov. “They are just as much a part of FIU and we like to see the concerns that they have and try to help them voice those concerns.”

At the moment the high school students main concerns include gaining access to the Green library in order to check out books and conduct research, and use of the recreation facilities so as to no longer take virtual physical education courses.

While MAST students witnessed the process of a student government meeting, SGA President, Fu Zhou-Wu discussed the upcoming changes and events to soon take place on campus.

Of the soon to be changes, moving the placement of the OneCard recharge station, installation of the new electronic sign and grand opening of the renovated Wolfe University Center are all set to take place this March.

“Many students have complained about not being able to find the OneCard recharge station; on March 2 students will find it at the entrance of Academic Center One,” Wu stated at the meeting.

Another major accomplishment that is underway is the replacement of the electronic sign at the entrance of the Campus that has been broken for well over a year now.

“The electronic sign will be replaced by a much newer sign that should last about 10 years, and will showcase all campus events to students as they drive in,” said Wu.

And March 31 will be the grand reopening of the WUC. According to Wu, WUC advisory board meetings, in which they discuss what the interior of the WUC will look like, take place every Wednesday.

The cabinet and senate also continues to advocate for the Second Road to Success in order to gain enough support to make a second road that leads to campus a realization.

Newer dining options are also on the way through collaboration with Business and Services, to bring a Starbucks and Subway to campus by fall 2015.

Last Monday, the senate also held its weekly meeting in which new members were added to the finance committee and minor changes were made to finance code. These changes come just days before the budget meeting that will take place on Feb. 6

Career oriented events are also beginning to take place for students in preparation for the Career Fair on Feb. 11.

On Feb. 3, SGA will host Career Bash, where students can gain resume and interviewing tips. And on Feb. 7, Get Your Career in Gear will take place, where students can attend workshops and interview with various Employers and Business leaders.

Lastly, SGA will also be hosting President Mark Rosenberg at its eighth annual Town Hall Meeting, in which students can voice any concerns they have to President Rosenberg.

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