Afterhour Round

~Afterhour Round~

Alex J.


12 a.m.-2 a.m.

Cut Copy- Let me show you love


Mutual Benefit-C.L. Rosarian

Black Hearted Brother- I’m Black

Gorillaz- Dare

Gunther Doug-Moni

The Black & White Years- Little One

Paul Ruske- Hey Now

Leni- Crystal Castles Remix

Machine Drum-SeeSea

Fuzz-This Time I’ve Got A Reason

The Manchester Social Club-Bar Tops

DJ Shadow- Midnight in a Perfect World

Blood Orange- Chosen

Diane Coffee- WWWoman

Yuck-Sunrise In Maple Shade

Flying Lotus- MmmHmm ( Feat. Thundercat)

Chambermaids-Electric Sky

Drowners- Luv, hold me down

Dam Funk- Mirrors

Laurel Halo- Thrax

Static – Always Forever

The Vim Dicta- Name of The Game



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