The Dreamers 02-10-14

is triangle real – idlewave
cursed kids – eugene
flume – space cadet
new order – all the way
kitchens of distinction – cant trust the waves
ten kens – bear fight
averkiou – no one’s holding a gun to your head

Break dance

glam shell – the rain
cashmere cat – kiss kiss
fever blanket – you & the things you do
for against – echelons
lake radio – i wish you could see in technicolor too
gummy bear – arizona lights ’97
sweet valley – slum vexx
sweet valley – savage clean

Break it down now

strkfckr – isabella of castille
weed diamond – oklahoma
the clean – point that thing somewhere else
Swirlies: In Her Many New Found Freedom
harlem – torture me
niva – transforma
Jesus & Mary Chain: Something I Can’t Have
Millionyoung: Cynthia


luminary youth – jets to bangalore
The Chills: Pink Frost
blonde redhead – 23
versus – ill be you
lake radio: every little thing
shag – moonwalk
pomegranates – create your own reality1798612_10203476046405687_686545675_n

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