When the candy hearts have been eaten

Valentine’s Day is over. The annual holiday of hearts and flowers has passed and now that the love filling the air has faded, you look at your partner and wonder where it all went. Well let me remind you that love and its expressions aren’t meant only for Valentine’s Day.

Just because a day has been set aside to express your care for someone doesn’t mean that’s the only day to do so. I think so many people look at Valentine’s Day as the only day of the year that you should or can show someone that you care about them when really it’s not. It’s just a brief moment in the long span of a year where everyone decides to show their significant other that they care.

Show the person you’re with every day that you love and care about them but don’t think you have to do anything grand or outlandish either. Do small things to show them what they mean to you.

Have you ever tried your hand at poetry? Maybe your significant other enjoys the smell of a lovely bouquet. Or how about a card just because? Even something as small as a text saying “I hope your day is going well,” can mean the world to someone.

Remember as well not to take for granted the fact that someone loves and cares about you. As a child of divorce, I have seen firsthand what happens when you allow your love to fade and have realized that the lack of love not only affects the relationship, but all of those directly attached to it. Only so many people in this world can boast that they have someone far away from them who’s thinking about them. And because of that, you should show your significant other what they mean to you.

Do your best to show that person every single day that you care about them. Remember that love isn’t just a momentary thing, but rather a constant stream. Try cute little things like leaving sticky notes reminding them how much you care at work, home or school or taking them out somewhere just because.

I don’t know what tomorrow may bring, but I do know that I will be spending it with the person I love and because of that, I want to spend it showing them what they mean to me.

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