Event showcases “50 shades” of experiences

Mariana Nava/Contributing Writer

LGBTQA will be hosting “50 shades of LGBTQA,” and event that aims to address all the different faces and identities of people who are part of this community.

“By ‘50 shades’ we mean 50 different looks, 50 different experiences, 50 different stories of LGBTQA,” said Edwin Serrano, LGBTQA graduate assistant.

Since this event will take place in the middle of February, LGBTQA is still putting everything together and looking for more speakers to share their stories.

Looking for speakers who would like to join this talk, LGBTQA is asking people not only from this community or BBC; they are also asking people in the surrounding Miami-Dade area.

Also, they don’t want to focus just on one ethnic group because there are a lot of students from different parts of the world in the University, and they don’t want to take the opportunity of expressing oneself away from anyone.

“It’s about creating awareness about our differences and how those differences make up who we are,” said Gisela Vega, Multicultural Programs and Services director for LGBTQA.

Vega pointed out how some people have certain prejudice about the incapability of the people of this community to practice any religion.

The main goal for this event is to educate and let people know that everyone is different and that a person’s beliefs are not based on his or her sexual orientation, said Vega.

She also welcomes everyone who wants to join them in this experience; it could be students, faculty, staff or members of the community as well.

Students can join this community as allies–people who are not identified as LGBTQA but are part of it to contribute and give support.

“Students need to remember that they may be working with someone who is LGBTQA in the future,” said Serrano. “I think in order for them to understand and be prepared for anything and start gaining awareness and education, they should start now.”

The LGBTQA Biscayne Bay Campus 3D event series focuses on hot topics issues; the series began on Jan. 9, and it is co-sponsored by the Student Committee for Global Engagement.

This event will take place Thursday, Feb. 20 in WUC 155, from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m, with lunch included. moreover, students who attend to two or more events will be given a ceramic FIU mug as a giveaway. The students who want to attend the 3D series events can RSVP at lgbt@fiu.edu.


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