Headphones: A Way of Escape

Photo by Gary Knight via Flickr

Ariel Weinstein/Staff Writer

Walking around campus, you can find a person with headphones on in almost any direction you look.

Why do people wear headphones?

If you think about it, the first reason people resort to headphones could be to listen to music.

An obvious reason for shutting out the rest of the world, but if you put more thought into it, there might be a deeper meaning behind the headphone wearing.

Have you ever put on headphones just because you want to be in your own little world? Sometimes everything around us gets to be so overwhelming. By disconnecting ourselves from society, it lessens the anxiety we feel.

I come from a family of four brothers and three sisters. Although road trips are not common in my family, when we are all packed up in the car headphones become necessary. The road trip will be exciting for the first hour until it gets to the point where I need some alone time.

This is where headphones come in and you can be in your own little world again.

Blocking out noise and chaos is a good way to relax, and headphones can lead to immediate relaxation.

Others wear headphones to indirectly connect with others.

Think about whether there was someone near you on the bus wearing headphones. Were they really listening to music, or was the volume all the way down so they could listen in on your rather interesting conversation with your friend?

Or maybe you’re on a dance team and while walking to class, you are listening to the music for your dance, picturing the moves in your head, trying to rehearse before the big show.

Then there’s that awkward moment when you’re in the elevator with one other person and no one is talking or on their cell phone. With headphones, the situation is automatically less awkward because there’s music blasting in your ears distracting you from the awkward silence in the elevator.

The point is, you never know what people are really up to when they are wearing headphones.

Until now, you have probably never put thought into the many reasons for such an invention.

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