Six Feet Under 2/21/2014

Six Feet Under
w/ Sven & Brian

The Mongoloids – Smoke Signals/Live This Way
Backtrack – Darker Half
Converge – Trespasses
Cold Hearted – Legacy EP (Potter’s Clay/Lunacy (R.I.P.)/New Life/Path of Destruction/Broken Man)
Discourse – Discourse Demo EP (End in Sight/Early Grave)
Eyehategod – Take As Needed For Pain
Autopsy – Slaughter at Beast House
Pig Destroyer – The Diplomat
Mutilation Rites – Fogwarning
Pallbearer – Devoid of Redemption

Paysage D’Hiver – Welt Aus Eis
Full of Hell – Rudiments of Mutilation LP (Dichotomy/Vessel Deserted/Coven of the Larynx/Throbbing Lung Fiber/Indigence and Guilt/Embrace/The Lord is My Light/Bone Coral and Brine/Rudiments of Mutilation/In Contempt of Life)

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