University Comics Club hosts Wonder Reception

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Ariel Weinstein/Staff Writer

Almost every childhood involves some sort of superhero, or comic book. Whether it was Superman, Batman, Captain American, or whoever was the current superhero of one’s childhood, these characters made kids happy and made them look up to someone.

Now, the University has created an event that will bring back that piece of childhood.

On Thursday, Feb. 27 from noon to 2 p.m. at WUC 155, the University Comics Club will be hosting an event called Wonder Reception, which will be sponsored by the BBC Student Programming Council.

Wonder Reception is the club’s biggest event of spring semester 2014, however in fall 2013, the club hosted a successful event called Comic-Con.

“We had vendors from different parts of South Florida, bringing students closer to comics and memorabilia. In addition, thanks to the Dezer Museum, we had the Bat-Cycle from Batman 1966 TV series on display” Fernando Ottati said.

The spring event is free and open to University students, staff, faculty and alumni, as well as the surrounding community.

Because there is so much excitement from students and staff alike, it is expected that it will be a full house in attendance.

This event is a rare opportunity to honor one of the most renowned Wonder Woman comic book artists, Jose Delbo.

Ottati is the treasurer of the FIU Comics Club and the event planner for this particular reception. He explains how the club is meant to keep the spark of excitement for comic books and superheroes alive.

“We have been on trips to Conventions and Comic book stores and now it was a perfect time to have a lecture on campus, especially during such an exciting time as SPC’s Affair of the Arts Week” Ottati says.

The event will include several activities. One of these activities is a question and answer session with Delbo. There will also be a raffle of a Wonder Woman DVD set from the TV series and the comic book “Wonder Woman 253”, drawn by Delbo.

In addition, there will be a video presentation emphasizing Delbo’s career, and an award ceremony to follow.

This event will also be giving out free giveaways, such as club buttons. In addition, attendees will a be able to go home with a picture holder and their polaroid picture taken with Delbo immediately.

Ottati, an artist himself, came up with the event when he met Delbo at a comic convention, and invited him to the University’s BBC campus.

Ottati puts a lot of emphasis on the fact this event is the first of it’s kind, and potentially the only time an opportunity like this will occur.

“This is an once in a lifetime opportunity to be in the same room with a legend from the comics world who not only drew Wonder Woman, but also Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, Transformers and Thundercats, among many others” Ottati said.

Not only will this be a fun event, but a time for people to recognize the work that goes into comics.

“I want people in attendance to appreciate all the hard work that comic book artists like Mr. Delbo put into their craft in order to deliver quality work to audiences,” Ottati says. 

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