Sneak peek: low prices equals great pick ups

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Francisco Rivero/Assistant Sports Director 

After All-Star weekend and its All-Star selection of shoes it’s safe to say that the pockets around the shoe world are very thin this weekend. So the name of the game is save, save, save and with no big time releases upcoming this weekend now is the perfect time to pick up some nice but affordable footwear.

KD’s bright and affordable

My number one shoe of this upcoming weekend has to be the KD 6 “Liger”, selling for only a retail price of $130. The Liger is a shoe that has the color of a big time release but the price of a modern Nike.

The Liger is a low-top shoe that has a variety of colors such as green, blue, red, black, yellow and orange. The Liger contains bright colors, color transitions, animal print and a unique silhouette that compile to make the shoe amazing.

The Liger is the perfect shoe for that “balla on a budget” or anyone who has loved bright colors on shoes but never could afford the prices of the bigger releases. The Liger will be released this Saturday, March 1.

Nike Dunk High Camo hidden treasure this weekend

The second shoe that’s on my hit list this weekend is the Nike Dunk High “Camo” selling for a retail price of $120. Normally Dunks are nothing out of this world, in fact many have been released since I began the Sneak Peek issues however, this week Dunks really caught my eye.

This weekend’s Dunks are no ordinary Dunks; Nike has teamed up with 510 skateboarding to create a Nike Dunk for skateboarders. The Camo is a high-top shoe that has a military color way through the entire shoe while having the color orange located on the laces.

The fact that Camo has a nice color pattern to its design while also containing features needed for skateboarders makes this Dunk not only unique but a must buy for any first time shoe collector. The Nike Dunk Camo will also be a part of this Saturdays releases.

Sneaker head shoe of the week  

For the sneaker head that did not buy any of the All-Star weekend shoes or just has the money to add yet another piece to their collection, then the Nike Foamposite “Metallic Camo” is the shoe for you.

Selling for a retail price of $250 the Metallic Camo is by far the most expensive shoe this weekend and the most limited. It is a mid-top shoe with a lime green bottom while the main base of the shoe is a metallic grey color. In fact for the past recent releases the foamposite as seen a mix of patterns and multicolored markups. This model however was in stark contrast to the original group of foams.

Every shoe collector knows that despite the color of the Foamposite it is a must buy simple because it is a shoe that helped the sneaker game reach the point it’s at today. The Metallic Camo’s will also be releasing this Saturday. 

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