This Is Ourselves Under Pressure (Rotation): Junette R.

DJ: Junette Cassette



  1. Holy Wave- Night Tripper
  2. Toy- Endlessly
  3. Beck- Heart Is A Drum
  4. Be Forest- Totem
  5. Pete and the Pirates- Winter 1
  6. The Black Hollies- Benevolent Beacon
  7. Daughter- Still
  8. Cults- High Road
  9. Panda Bear- Panda Person
  10. Clams Casino- Youforia
  11. Flume & Chet Faker- This Song Is Not About a Girl
  12. Actress- Corner
  13. Kasim Keto- Antseed
  14. Com Truise- Wave 1
  15. College- My Secret Romance
  16. Gap Dream- Chill Spot
  17. New Madrid-Manners
  18. Psychic Ills- Depot
  19. Black Hearted Brother- (I Don’t Mean To) Wonder
  20. Little Barrie- Surf Hell
  21. Money For Rope- You’ll Be Gone
  22. The Black Angels- Telephone
  23. Fuzz- This Time I’ve Got a Reason

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