Board of Religion

Cartoon by Giovanni Garcia

Giovanni Garcia/Staff Writer

There have been times where you walk by the bulletins boards at school to either get news about apartments for rent, tutoring, even students having book sales. But each semester they are swarmed with religious messages and booklets.

Now for one thing, I don’t mind anyone using it as a form of freedom of speech, because the bulletins are used for that reason. But the thing that makes it bad is that these religious pamphlets cover the entire board. Sometimes the same one over and over again.

For those who are gaining profit from selling old books or renting things out, the religious pamphlets will block all other papers and flyers from the customer. They  will not be able to dig through all those papers just for a book thats only $10 less than from the store.  Even tutors get affected by this!

Some of the messages are good, and try to bring joy or hope to whoever reads it. But most preach about us being in turmoil or that we’re hellbound.A large group of people aren’t oblivious to the fact. Some really don’t care at all.

If any student needs to advertise something; whether books being sold, help with tutoring, or even forming a knitting group, be patient. If you are lucky a few people will see it, but if your offer gets covered up just remember: you can do the same and spam your offer all over the board, or just organize the spam in one location of the board.

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