Frost says campus sculptures threatened for removal

Photo by Florida International University courtesy of Creative Commons.

Jessica Rodriguez/Staff Writer

Emmett Young, the assistant director of marketing and communications for The Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum, emailed Student Media on Feb. 10 concerned about the “state of disrepair” of outside sculptures that she said were being threatened for removal due to insufficient funds.


Emmett Young, assistant director of marketing and communications for the Frost Art Museum, said campus art like Marty’s Cube may be threatened for removal due to states of disrepair and a lack of funds. Photo by Junette Reyes/The Beacon

“We at the Frost Art Museum want to advise the students, faculty [and] administration here on this campus that at least one well-recognized outside sculpture will be removed shortly because of its state of disrepair,” Young wrote. “Others, including Marty’s Cube, may follow unless funds can be raised to repair and maintain them. We think it is important that everyone understand what is happening and why so that, hopefully, some solution can be found.”

However, Young and Director and Chief Curator Carol Damian have since declined to comment or further “advise” the students at all.

On Feb. 26, Student Media received the following response:

“We are not declining to comment because we are being uncooperative; we just believe you would have a more complete treatment of the subject if you waited until we work through the process,” Young wrote.

Damian also emailed Student Media.

“We are working diligently with the university,  in fact, a new Art in State Buildings Administrator — the person overseeing much of the sculpture — has just been approved to begin work and that will make a difference in the process for caring,” Damian wrote.
Damian refused further comment. The specific sculpture that is threatened to be removed has not been revealed.


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